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First Tech Relocation Program

When you decide to relocate, moving your finances should be the least of your concerns.
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First Tech specializes in serving the needs of the world's most forward-thinking companies, including HP, Microsoft, Agilent Technologies, Amazon, Cisco and many more. Our Relocation ProgramSocial Security number required at application. can help you move your money quickly and easily.

Why apply for First Tech Relocation Program

  • A single point of contact for all your financial needs
  • Preferred product and service incentives
  • Over 30 locations across the U.S. with hubs in Washington, Oregon, & California
  • 5,000+ CO-OP Shared Branches, and 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP ATMs
  • Leading security practices that protect your information
  • Access to educational resources with insight and tips on how the U.S. banking system works

Relocation process

Number 1 Step 1

Submit your information above and a specialist will be in touch to help you open your accounts (up to 60 days prior to U.S. entry). You'll then have the ability to wire funds.

Number 2 Step 2

After you arrive in the U.S. you can visit a First Tech branch to obtain your new debit card, if you elected to have it mailed to your new address (home or business) you may not need to visit a branch.

Number 3 Step 3

Once you obtain your U.S. Social Security Number you will have access to several unique credit products from First Tech. These include credit card, auto loan, mortgage, personal loans and person line of credit.

Benefits for Foreign Nationals

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  • Open checking and savings accounts up to 60 days prior to arriving in the USA. Wire money to the account and have it waiting when you arrive.
  • No Social Security number required to establish savings and checking accounts
  • Preferred loanSocial Security number required at application. and credit cardSocial Security number required at application. rates with little to no established U.S. credit
  • Favorable insuranceInsurance products and services offered through First Tech Insurance Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of First Tech Federal Credit Union. rates with little to no established insurance history

Eligible products and services

As a relocating employee, you’re eligible for First Tech Federal Credit Union products and services. 

First Tech Product or Service

Eligible without a Social Security number

Eligible with a Social Security number

Savings (more info)

Checking (more info)

Credit Card (more info)


Auto Loan (more info)


InsuranceInsurance products and services offered through First Tech Insurance Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of First Tech Federal Credit Union. (more info)


Personal Loan (more info)


Home LoanHome loan discounts cannot be combined with other promotions and only apply to relocating employees moving through company- sponsored relocation programs. You may start the application process before you have your Social Security number; however, it is required prior to loan closing. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Property and/or flood hazard insurance may be required. Maximum loan limits may apply. Restrictions apply. (more info)


Online and Mobile Banking (more info)


Frequently asked questions

What is a Credit Union?

Credit unions have the same products as a bank: we accept deposits, make loans, and provide an array of other financial services. But, as a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we return profits back to our members in the form of reduced fees, higher savings rates, and lower loan rates.

Why First Tech?

  • Seventh largest credit union in the United States with over 620k members.
  • Insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), which has rated First Tech among the safest credit unions in the country.
  • First Tech is a not-for-profit, member-owned credit union.
  • In 2017, First Tech donated more than $3.1 million in charitable causes.

What is the First Tech Expat Finance program?

The Expat Finance program at First Tech helps employees moving with an employer set up accounts and credit to ease your financial transition to the U.S. A First Tech employee can help you set up accounts and direct deposit prior to moving and up to 12 months after you arrive in the U.S.

What kind of assistance can First Tech offer for members that are relocating to the U.S.?

  • Checking account (opened prior to U.S. arrival, no SSN required)
  • Credit building products including unsecured MasterCard credit card
  • Mortgage and Insurance services to help you settle into the U.S.

Can I have my payroll check deposited directly into my First Tech Federal Credit Union account?

Yes, the day your account is opened you will receive all information needed to provide to your employer                                                                                                     

Do I need credit history to get a credit card?

No, First Tech does not require a loan applicant to have credit history when relocating with an approved employer.

Do you provide mortgage loans to transferees?

Yes, and for those being relocated by their employer, you do not need any U.S. credit history.

Can First Tech's relocation assistance help me establish credit in the U.S.?

As soon as you receive your U.S. Social Security Number (SSN), a First Tech employee can help you establish credit issuing you a MasterCard, an auto loan, a mortgage, or all three? The choice is yours.

What about my spouse and my children?

If spouses and dependents can receive a Social Security Number, then they are eligible and First Tech can open individual accounts for them.

What information will non-U.S. applicants need to provide?

Non-U.S. citizens need to provide the following along with your application:

Copy of your Passport

An offer letter detailing your new assignment in the U.S. (typically on company letterhead)

Can I apply from outside the U.S. if I accepted a relocation offer for a new position?

A First Tech employee can set up a checking or savings account up to 60 days before your arrival in the U.S..

Once you arrive in the U.S., a First Tech employee must verify your employment within 30 days.

How soon before my actual move date should I think about setting up a mortgage relocation loan?

You may apply for a mortgage without a Social Security Number and start the process outside of the U.S., 60 days before you move.

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