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Introducing First Tech Rewards Checking

Introducing First Tech Rewards Checking

First Tech Rewards Checking helps you make the most of your money—simply. 

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How to destress using your breath
Life can be stressful - learn how to destress in the moment with this simple breathing exercise that you can do anywhere at any time to calm your nervous system and relax.
What to pack when you’re hiking with your dog
We’re all used to packing what we need for a day out hiking, but what about your pup? Here’s a list of items to consider packing for your four-legged friend when hiking this summer.
More than with Kevin Carroll: Christa Stout
Season 2 of More Than with Kevin Carroll is here! Christa Stout, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Technology with the Portland Trailblazers, stops by to talk about what innovation looks like, and how to be a driving force of good in your community.
Rentable Days Out
Think outside the box this summer and rent items, spaces and gear for a unique family day out. From mountaineering to swimming in your own private pool we’ve got your summer plans covered.
How to talk to teenagers about money (Part 2)
Teaching your teenagers some helpful tips about money can be hard. We teamed up with First Tech employees and parents to two teenagers, Nicole and Bryan to get advice on how to talk to your teenagers about money.
Summer self-care - foot scrubs and face masks for summer
Prepare your skin for summer with a nourishing and detoxifying matcha green tea face mask that you can make at home.