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Insurance for your investment.

Add some protection to your property. Introducing insurance designed for rental properties.


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Landlord Insurance

Owning just one home can seem like a huge investment. Owning rental properties takes that investment one step further. While you cannot always be there to watch over and protect your property, you can employ the right insurance policy with First Tech Insurance Services. 

Landlord policies offer protection for properties containing one to four units. This includes apartments, condominiums, as well as single- or multi-family homes that you rent to others. Options include:

  • Premises Liability - can help protect you from bodily injury or property damage arising from the use of your rental property. Liability limits of $100,000 or higher are available.
  • Medical Payments - can provide coverage for medical expenses if a person is injured as a result of a condition on the property. This coverage does not apply to you or anyone who is a regular resident on the property.
  • Property Coverage - can generally provide rental property owners coverage for the rental property, other structures (such as a garage or a shed), and the landlord’s personal property in the rental unit (such as household furnishings and appliances) from covered damage.
  • Loss of Use Coverage - can protect your income by providing coverage for the fair rental value of the property if it is not fit to live in while your property is being repaired as a result of a covered loss. This is subject to coverage terms and limits. 

Contact the First Tech Insurance Services agent in your area today or call 855.744.8585. They’ll help you protect your rental property and long-term assets.    
Insurance products and services offered through Addison Avenue Financial Partners, LLC, d/b/a First Tech Insurance Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Technology Federal Credit Union.