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Invest in your family

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Printable Spring Bingo Card

Colorful hand drawn bingo cards on a table.
Spring Break is upon us and those with kids are beginning to search for ways to entertain their littlies and avoid boredom during the break! 

Spring is (almost!) here so it’s a great time to get outside and explore your local neighborhood with the kids. If you’re short on time during the day, you could try getting out for a little post-dinner stroll now that the clocks have sprung forward and we’re getting longer days.

With that in mind, you can add a little ‘adventure’ to your outdoor activities with these printable Spring Bingo Cards. 

For the younger kids we have a hand drawn bingo card (PDF) featuring simple objects, animals and bugs to spot as they walk around their local area.

From clouds to snails, mail boxes to stop signs, this fun bingo activity will encourage your young kiddos to really take in their surroundings, explore their local neighborhood and maybe spot some friendly little neighbors along the way. 

For older kids we have a Spring Bingo Card (PDF) that features slightly more challenging items to spot and is designed to keep them entertained and engaged as they explore areas close to home. All they have to do is cross off the object when they spot it - simple! 

Kids can work together to spot all the items on the bingo card, or you can create a mini competition with prizes for the first person to cross out a full line, or complete the card in the fastest time. 

To play, simply download the PDFs and print at home as many times as you like. 

However you are spending Spring Break this year, we hope these printable bingo cards bring a little joy to your family time!