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Phishing for your money

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Criminals continue to try to find new ways to access your money. These attempts take many different forms and they evolve every week. Receiving notice that your bank account has been, or might be compromised, is very unsettling to most people and Fraudsters know this. They’re counting on you to comply with urgency to resolve the situation and have tools like phone number spoofing to make it appear that they are sending legitimate contacts from First Tech. It’s important to know how First Tech will (and won’t) try to contact you in case we suspect fraudulent activity on your account. It’s also important to know how fraudsters may attempt to acquire account access by social engineering or impersonating our representatives.

Check icon First Tech will:

  • Monitor your accounts for suspicious activity and you’ll be contacted if something is found.
  • Identify ourselves if we call and provide information so you’ll feel comfortable that it’s really us reaching out.
  • Inform you that we are comfortable with you calling us back at 855.855.8805 to confirm the call.
  • Send you a verification code by text message or email when some transactions are attempted within digital banking. Or if you’ve enabled two-factor authentication in digital banking. DO NOT read these to anyone as per the instructions in the message.
  • Use voice identification software when you call us to securely authorize transactions and obtain account information.

X icon First Tech won’t:

  • Ask for your digital banking user ID, digital banking password or other personal information by phone call, text or email.
    • To verify that we’re speaking to the right person when we call, we may generate a verification code by text message and ask you for it. This text message will only be used to verify you for the phone conversation and reads differently than the verification code for digital banking access.
  • Attempt to log in to your account or ask to remotely connect to your device.
  • Ever ask for your full card account numbers.
  • Get our feelings hurt if you hang up on us and call 855.855.8805 to verify the situation and request.


Setting up two-factor authentication to SMS or a “Soft Token” is one of the best things you can do to protect your accounts and it only takes a minute. If you can set it up so that the code is delivered to your phone by SMS or push notification that’s preferable over email. Just be sure you don’t provide the temporary verification code to anyone. Never give your digital banking credentials, username or password, to anyone calling. Never give anyone access to your computer remotely and allow them to view an online banking session, First Tech will never ask for this. Be suspicious of anyone calling you who requests access or information.

If you would like to report a suspicious communication you’ve received or believe you may be a victim, please contact us at 855.855.8805 or send us a secure message through digital banking. You may also submit a non-urgent concern through our form in the Security Center but please do not include any personal information.